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This 46 year old male patient has attended our practice for some time and finally he agreed he needed to have his work front teeth restored.

These teeth have been restored utilising the benefits of the Dahl Technique. This treatment is provided without drilling the teeth at all. You can see from the photos of the palatal surface how severely worn the teeth were prior to treatment. It is essential for the patient to wear an occlusal splint (biteguard) after treatment to protect the new restorations from further damage.

Case 11

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This patient was getting married and was concerned about her dark front tooth.

Unfortunately, her upper left front tooth had been root treated and there was a recurrent infection which was successfully re-treated by our resident root canal specialist. We then proceeded to whiten the darkened front tooth using internal bleaching and afterwards whitened all the teeth using standard home tooth whitening with White Dental Beauty. She is delighted she can smile at her wedding and I am amazed by the fabulous result.

Case 12

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A veneer case on a 24 year old male patient.

He lost his front tooth when he was very young and as you can see the front two teeth looked too large and his smile had lost all symmetry We provided the patient with a smile design which he approved and carried out the treatment over two visits. He is delighted with the transformation.

Case 13

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We closed the gaps on upper and lower teeth of patient. We used smile design technique to create a beautiful smile for the patient.