The sad fact is that non of us are getting any younger, but we can slow down the appearance of ageing. Our wrinkle reduction procedures are designed to smooth out those lines that appear as we get older.

All our work is carried out by trained professionals, so your safety is always our first priority. Each treatment will last for approximately three or four months.

We offer a variety of services which are listed below.

Wrinkle Reduction with Bocouture/Xeominone area from £195Two areas from £275Three areas from £345
Advanced wrinkle reductionNeck and lower face, from £250Hyperhidrosis, armpits (excessive sweating) from £450
Dermal filler with Juvederm UltraOne 0.5ml syringe £250One 1.0ml syringe £350Cheek augmentation, from £450Lip enhancement, from £350