The First service is our “Standard”, this is the the ideal hygiene and cleaning makeover, combining a clean and polish with oral hygiene advice and a gum health check. It’s the regular treatment to help maintain sweet breath and a dazzling smile.


Not quite as thorough as our classic, is our “Extended” which is aimed at those of you who have very little time to spare, but want to take good care of your teeth and gums. This service takes only 15 minutes. We can make your teeth feel and look cleaner and keep that bacteria at bay. This is the perfect choice for anyone with a hectic lifestyle.


Our third service is our “Comprehensive”, this is for those of you who really want to give your mouth that luxury spa treatment. This is the ultimate clean and polish service for those of you who just love to pamper yourself. With our “Comprehensive” your teeth and gums will feel refreshed and your teeth will be a dazzling white.


If you don’t want to have decay – then read this