10 Commandments for a Healthier more Attractive Smile

    1. A brighter whiter smile. Dark or discoloured teeth can be simply, safely and painlessly lightened, at home or in the practice, with amazing results.


    1. Large unsightly silver fillings can be replaced with attractive tooth coloured restorations, white fillings or porcelain inlays.


    1. Old crowns on front teeth that do not match your other teeth can be replaced with natural looking metal-free porcelain crowns.


    1. Missing teeth can be replaced by natural looking dental implant teeth.


    1. Unsightly or mis-shapen teeth can be disguised to blend in with your other teeth using veneers.


    1. If you suffer from uncomfortable or bleeding gums, or get a bad taste in your mouth, modern periodontal treatment will ensure healthy gums and freshen breath.


    1. If your teeth keep breaking we can strengthen them with crowns.


    1. If your dentures are loose or uncomfortable, we can make a tighter fit or replace them with dental implants.


    1. Teeth which are sensitive to cold can be effectively desensitised.


  1. If you have a denture which looks or feels false, we can, in the majority of cases, provide natural looking cosmetic dentures for improved appearance and bite.